Nephews Birthday Party!

Happy birthday my lovely nephews! Yesterday a great party all for them!

It was a funny party for the children with dances, songs and an incoming Hamtaro carachter…well…the costume was kind of scary, the head worn with a wierd angle, lenghtened neck, upside down collar….well….it was kind of a scary halloween costume honestly!

Luclily, just like every year, my salted cakes take care of the adult guests! Kids eat almost anything with a cute shape, while adults are a bit more picky. I decided therefore to cook something classical paired with something much more unusual!

The first cake I’ve done is also the most particular one. Very simple ingredients that are combined to obtain a wonderful taste. The most fun part of the salted cakes is their flexibility: they keep the shape of the cakes while beeing able to have the most original taste and texture!

Tris di torte salate andato a ruba!!
Threesome of salted cakes! Literally stolen! I barely made the pics!

Ingredients for 12 people:

  • 450 g cow ricotta cheese
  • 2 eggs medium size
  • 300 g carrots
  • 50 g breadcrumbs
  • 1 teaspoon of chily pepper powdered
  • salt
  • freshly ground pepper
  • grated nutmeg
  • black sesame seeds

All the recipe is super easy!

We start it washing and peeling the carrots, we then cook them in a steamer for 20 minutes. You can really use any cooking method, the only real thing to remember is not to leave them too watery. We put them into a mixer and we blend thd them finely. We add the ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, chily powder, nutmeg and the eggs. We mix everything till it becomes a cream. We pour everything into a baking pan covered with a baking sheets and we level the mixture. We sprinkle the sesame seeds and we’re ready to bake! We cook the cake into preheated oven at 180° for 35 minutes. We have to be careful upon extracting it from the pan since it is very fragile when still hot. It is better to divide it in portions when cold.

Tortino di Carote Piccante al Sesamo 2Tortino di Carote Piccante al Sesamo 3Tortino di Carote Piccante al Sesamo 4

The flavour is surprising: it pleases the smell with the sesame seeds, it cuddles you with the ricota cheese and carrots texture, it arouses with the chily pepper aftertaste!

Buon Appetito!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Wow, really cheap! The cost per portion is only € 0.28! It is nothing!


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