Tip of the Day

My wife loves salads, not vegetables, those huge salads full of every colourful and tasty ingredient that make them rich! Vegetables to begin with, then meat or fish, lots of cheese and a good dressing like a vinaigrette. Naturally I am the one that prepares them because, in her lazyness, she would eat the veggies in a piece like a hungry hamster! Final touch? A hard boiled egg in slices! But honestly how many times we made them and they were full of holes upon peeling? All that pulp attached to the skin is sooo irritating!


We have to cook the eggs 10 minutes in boiling water. When the time passes we put the egg with its water under cold running water in order to replace the hot one with the cold. The sudden exchange will reduce the size of the egg (barely but that makes the whole difference) detaching it from its skin. This will make much easier to peel them without reducing the albumen to a holed pulp!


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