Invention Test – Masterchef Italy – The Poor’s Meal: Beans!

Just as promised I cookd a dish based on the trial of the Invention Test of yesterday’s episodes of Masterchef Italy!

I set myself a time limit of an hour and started preparing this dish! Here you got the result!

L'aspetto è piacevole, il sapore non è non sarebbe stato un gran piatto a MAsterchef...
The look is not bad at all, the taste isn’t bad…but it would never be a Masterchef great dish…

I let my wife taste it and I’ll be totally sincere on her opinion: “Edible”. She liked the chicken but the bean had no taste at all. All the spices sunk its taste.

I would not like to say it but she’s totally right! A recipe that has no “best sides” and, aside the chicken that anyway has nothing to do with beans, it does not hit at all the target of a bean based dish! It is not bad since the taste itself is good (even if not exeptional) and it would probably saved me on yesterday trial in Masterchef! But just cause some others did even worse than this!

I cooked a risotto substituing the classical meat/veggie broth, with the broth of the red beans, cooked with fennel stems, cumin, cinnamom, thyme and few other spices. I cooked the rice with diced fennel leaves (beeing a poor man means also using all the food!) to sweeten the rice and finally I added the beans.

Aside I cooked 5 minutes per side a chicken tight and finished its cooking in the oven for 20 minutes. I took off the bone and cut it in slices in order to serve it with the rice.

I am quite disappointed since I thought I could extract more bean flavour out of this dish and I instead canceled it! If the risotto was made without beans but with a meat broth it would have tasted almost the same!

But I am not the typeof guy that gives up! So I will work harder!


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