Christmas Eve

Wow! We finally arrived to this year Christmas Eve!

We are totally immersed in tomorrow’s preparations, preparing the packages of the last presents and defining tomorrow’s lunch! There is not even time to breath but it is all so damn fun!

Today, thanks to my wife and her job collegues, during lunchtime I’ll be Santa Claus and I will bring presents to childrens! I can’t wait! There is a place where children without parents are taken care of and they wrote Santa letters about the presents they would like. A lot of people took care of these letters in order to give to the little ones what they would like! So I will be the one that will wear Santa’s cloths and give them ther beloved wishes!

Sfoderiamo il Babbo Natale che c'è in noi!
Let’s express the Santa Claus inside us!

It is an awesome present for all these children that have to face a life already so tough! I am so hapopy that some day they will be able to look behind and understand that there are people that loved to care about them! To us this is a small sacrifice, for them is an awesome gift!

Use some of your time to help a child in need, Christmas is mostly their day, a day that, regardless religions and beliefs has become like a day where children can really wish something for themselves. It maybe not much for you, but for a child this is such a special day! Let them remember it with joy!

Merry Chrismas to all of you form yours Santa Claus alla Parmigiana!


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