Christmas Gifts

Good Morning! How did you spend Christmas? Did you have fun? Did you eat a lot?

As per us, just as good tradition in Sardinia, we filled up our bellies till the explosion point! I got to a point of filling that if I touched a pointy object I could burst like a baloon!

I have to say thou that a good Christmas lunch with the family is still a fantastic occasion to speak about nearly everything, from cooking food to politic affairs! And since we started eating at 1pm and finished at 8pm you could imagine we got quite some time to speak!

Want to speak about our gifts? A lot even for me and the wife, but some were totally amazing and fun! I got a new kitchen cloth which explains the life of a family: “The Marriage is a relation of someone that is always right and another that is the Husband!

Regali Natale 2

My wife has some new guests in the house, she loves them so much that she makes a cute face whenever she passes by them!

Regali Natale

For all of you I will show you one of the many things we prepared as appetizer for the Christmas Lunch! Something so simple to prepare that can be done by everyone!


Grana e Miele

Ingredients for 32 pieces:

  • 300 g roughly of grated parmesan cheese
  • 32 almonds
  • honey

We have to buy the small paper cups suitable for baking, I found them very cheap!

We fill the paper cups with parmesan cheese and we finally place an almond on top.

Grana e miele 2

We bake them for 3 minutes in preheated oven at 180°, just the necessary time to let the cheese melt! We let it dry at room temperature and, when well solid, we add a small amount of honey.

Grana e Miele 3

We can serve them in the cups, which are awesome to see, and when we take them out of the cups they will keep the shape! If we do not use the honey we can even take them out of the cups! Adorable!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Really cheap! Regardless the almonds are not that cheap, for the amount we use their cost will be small! The cost per piece is roughly € 0.08!

All the best for Christmas and for the incoming New Years Eve!

Marito alla Parmigiana


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