Gorgonzola Cheese Screw Snacks

Morning everyone!

Between bloggers, it is known, we “spy” each others quite often, searching for new ideas for cooking! Thanks to all the blogfriends I made last year I had the luck to “know” some special people!

One of these blog friends is Doretta, author of the blog Sarda in Saòr, which have a huge passion for cooking and incredible ideas! She also has a huge amount of kitchenware of the most improbable shapes and functions that uses to sculpt her dishes! I do not know how she does it but the way she uses them is plain fantastic!

One of the million recipe I love from her blog is one of the latest: double dough donut with cream! Two types od dough, one is the shortcrust pastry and the other is puff pastry! Just a lovely consistence! To copy and to make something new I tried to make a salted version with gorgonzola cheese filling!

Golosi, friabili e semplicissimi!
Tasty, crunchy and so simple!

Ingredients for 20 pieces more or less:

  • roughly 40 g of gorgonzola cheese
  • 1 base of salted shortcrust pastry
  • 1 base of puff pastry
  • 1 egg
  • poppy seeds

The recipe is so easy it is a shame not to do it! First of all we roll out the shortcrust pastry. We add the gorgonzola cheese spreading it over all the pastry. It is important to make a really thin layer, I used fingers in order not to ruin the pastry. If you prefare you can wear plastic gloves to do it. We then add the puff pastry on the top and press it well to make it even. At this point we use a cutting wheel to shape 8 cm stripes. Naturally with squared pastry bases this job will be much easier!

Torcetti al Gorgonzola 2torcetti al gorgonzola 3

We add some beaten egg brushed on the top and poppy seeds to taste. The seeds taste is bland so we can be abundant. We let the pastry rest for about ten minutes and then we shape them with our hands in screws. For who prefares they can also be left as they are but I love the upside down consistence of the alternate pastries. We preheat the oven at 180° C and we let them cook for 25 minutes.

torcetti al gorgonzola 4torcetti al gorgonzola 5

When we finish the baking we let them cool down for 5 minutes before handling them, this way they will harden keeping crunchiness. We cna eat them right away or store them in a sealed box in order to prevent them to soft.

An anymoment snack or a great appetizer to enjoy with cold cuts or sauces! One thing is sure: you eat one and you find the second in your mouth already!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Almost nothing! More or less € 0.13 per piece! 


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