Tip of the Day

Knowing how to cook is like having access to a big mountain of experience, filled of little useful informations. That mountain is obviously not somewhere in the world, it is more a place of mind where we pile up our knowledge bit by bit so we can pick them up when we need them. Today’s tip is one grain of that mountain!


It is probably the most used spice in western cousine, in little or big quantities is gives unique aromas to dishes! There are quite often mistakes, mostly due to inexperience, that make this spice almost useless. When we cook with black pepper, expecially the ground one, it is always better to add it at the end of the cooking time. The high cooking temperatures burn the pepper making effectively us eating more coal than pepper. When we add it to dough or meat balls it is not a problem since most of the spice will never enter in contact with very high heat!


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