Onions and Lentils Soup

Good Morning! While in Sardinia we still have our lovely very “springy” 15° celsius, weather forecasts are telling us that shortly the real winter will come. The wife is already taking out the winter clothes and I will go to buy some gasoline for the heater, if not she will make die of a long and painful death!

So, in the meantime, I was thinking that would be fantastic to start making winter dishes, just to prepare ourselves for the incoming cold with a warm belly!

Sou aside I cannot resist to tell you an awesome event I’ll be participating to! I fiMy wife loves sushi as well so she’s very happy about this, but she has also another reason: she always admired the japanese chefs for the great order they keep in the kitchen and she wants (or obliges, read as you prefare) me to learn it just like the other tecniques! It wil be totally awesome! I hope to be able to pass you some tips form this marvellous experience!

But let’s go back to our dish! This is very simple and just a little care is necessary to cook it to perfection!

Un sapore eccezionale per una zuppa davvero semplice e conveniente!
An awesome taste for a simple and cheap soup!!

Ingredients for 2 people (big portions):

  • 40 g celery
  • 200 g sausages
  • 200 g onion
  • 100 g quick cooking lentils (mine had 20 mins cooking time)
  • a teaspoon of tomato puree
  • 1 lt meat broth
  • 200 ml dry white wine
  • extra virgin olive oil

It is really an amateur proof recipe! We start preparing our ingredient properly! We peel the onion and cut it in half and hten in thin stripes. The thinnier the stripes the quicker they will cook. We cut the celery in very small dices and we take out the sausages from their casing and cut them into rough pieces.

We heat up to boil the meat stock remembering not to make it too tasty.

We take a big pot and add 2 tablesppons of extra virgin olive oil. We heat it up in medium heat and we add celery and sausages, panfrying them for 5 minutes. We stir continuously to colour the meat evenly and to prevent any burning of the celery. Now we put the burners on low heat and add the onions. It is fundamental to stir very often because it is very easy that they will burn. when the oil is absorbed we add the wine and we let the onions cook for 20/30 minutes, till they are very soft. We must remember to stir often or they will burn!

Zuppa di Cipolle e Lenticchie 2Zuppa di Cipolle e Lenticchie 3Zuppa di Cipolle e Lenticchie 4

We wash the lentils to clean them from any impurity and we add them in the pot when the onions are soft. We add also the broth and the tomato puree, it will give a bit of acidity and colour!

We have to take great care of a thing: the broth will reduce, sharpening its taste! If we need to add anymore liquid care to add only normal hot water, in order not to add salt to the soup! The only moment when to check for salt is at the very end of the cooking time, when we know the broth will not reduce any further and the taste refining is finished!

We serve it hot and we must heating while “smoking”! For who likes some croutons will be great!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Of all the ingredients the costly one are the sausages. Since the others are cheap the soup will cost roughly € 0.80 per portion! Not bad at all!


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