Tip of the Day

Cooking a dinner is not something too difficult, other thing is to prepare a really good dinner! We do not have to make the mistake to think that all the flavours of a dish are created by the raw quality of its ingredients. They have their role but their preparation is way more important! Be aware of the bases of cooking an ingredient is the way to give the best taste to every single ingredient, even the cheapest ingredient! Today we take care of one of these basics!


Reading in the recipes we often find the step “chop the onions finely” and we never know how finely it is. How much finely we have to chop them? Why we have to chop them more finely in a preparation than another? Panfrying onions is a way to give sweetness and flavour to the dish. A taste that act as foundation for the other ingredients. Altough it is very easy to make mistakes in this preparation. We must think of the dish: a dish with largely chopped onions will be able to host roughly chopped onions, a pasta sauce can host from thin stripes to finely chopped, a risotto must have very finely chopped onions in order to have them smaler than the rice grains. A bit of care and common sense can help us to create good foundations for an exeptional dish!


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