Spaghetti a la Carbonara

Oh my god the Carbonara! I think it is the most loved italian dish in and out Italy! From student filled houses to the most “cooking evolved” families!

It is simply a dish so full of flavour and taste to be unique!

Coming from the Lazio region and dish that Rome is definetely proud of, it has an obscure and unknown origin! It is thought to be born form the people that used to mine coal (carbonai in italian) and that the black pepper remembers the coal powder, eggs and bacon were quite possible to find in the local farmers. Another possible origin is Naples, due to a lot of recipes that use eggs and cheese in the same way of the Carbonara. I personally think that, one way or the other, it is original from Rome and this is because there is another very popular recipe that uses eggs and cheese in exactly the same way: the Stracciatella alla Romana soup, which we will see in few days.

I have to say a thing thou: the original recipe is often changed into other ingredients and preparation to the point it is totally different! Do not get me wrong, variants are good, some even awesome, but I think that knowing the original recipe is necessary in order to understand and love also the “new versions”.

I leave my cooking in the hands of 2 of the chefs I respect the most: the italian legend Gualtiero Marchesi and the chef Sergio Maria Teutonico!

The most cooked and loved of Italy!

The most cooked and loved of Italy!

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 320 g spaghetti
  • 100 g of pecorino romano cheese (the correct cheese is fundamental)
  • 4 medium size eggs
  • 100 g lard from pig’s cheek (we can also use bacon but the first choice is way better)
  • freshly ground black pepper

We start putting the water for the pasta to boil. If we do not remember how to do it we can have a look into Tips and Tricks.

While the water is coming to boil, we prepare the lard and the eggs. We break the eggs and the cheese. We mix them together till a thick cream.

Carbonara 2Carbonara 3

In a large pan with high sides we put the lard, cut into stripes and without the hard skin. It is not necessary to add oil or butter since it will cook into its own fat (different if we use bacon where it is better to add a small butter quantity). We let it fry until almost crispy on the surface and then we turn it off.

Carbonara 4Carbonara 5

We add the spaghetti while the water is boiling (remember to add the necessary salt) and we let them cook one minute less than indicated in the spaghetti box. We put aside 200 ml of the water of the spaghetti just before we drain them. We drain all the pasta and add it in the pan. We also add a little bit of the water we put aside and the egg and cheese sauce. We mix them well in the pan with the heat on. We let the cream thick a little bit but, this is really important, without letting it cook and become firm.

Carbonara 6Carbonara 7

We must serve it immediately so the sauce will not have the time to cook more and become firm. We season it with some black pepper!

Taste it and you’ll see how incredible is this dish!

Buon Appetito!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Ingredients quite cheap that can be found almost everywhere. Maybe the most expensive part is the egg, but overall you can get this awesome recipe for only € 0.45! Definetely worth every penny spent!


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