Caramelized Nuts

Christmas holidays are almost here and this is the time to prepare the most original sweets of the year!

This sweet is really simple but, as most of the recipes, only if we follow the recipe correctly!

In Italy we call them “mothers in law killers”, honestly I do not know why, and are so tasty that the only possible way that they use to kill is through excess of sugar!

A dispetto del look banale il sapore è fantastico!
Despite the ordinary look the taste is absolutely wonderful!

Ingredients for about 5 people:

  • 175 g hazelnuts
  • 100 g white sugar (to caramelize)
  • 100 g white sugar
  • 30 g water

This sweet is easy to do but it takes some care to do it properly.

We prepare our ingredients, putting the sugar in 2 separated cups. We take out all the hazelnuts form the shells, paying attention not to split them in two. We put all the hazelnuts into the preheated oven at 180° for 3 minutes in order to roast them a little. We take all of them and put into a cloth. Now we squeeze them softly rubbing in order to peel them. We have to be gentle. Now we start to prepare the caramel!

We take a casserole with thick bottom and we heat it. We add a thin layer of sugar (form the one we need to caramelize) and wait patiently for it to melt. It looks like water except it will start shortly to brown. We mix it a bit with a silicon spatula (do not use iron spoons because they will make the sugar temperature drop solidifying it!) and we add more sugar. We slowly melt 100 g of sugar like this, bit by bit. Now we have to warm up till boiling point the water, better to use the microwave. We add it slowly to the caramel (which in the meantime became brown). It will make a lot of extremely hot steam, so we must pay attention not to get burned. We mix the watered caramel a bit and we turn off the flame. We add all the peeled hazelnuts and mix them well with the caramel, in order to make them coated. We prepare a separated container with the granulated sugar and we add the caramelized hazelnuts in it. We shake them well separating them also thanks to the granulated sugar that prevents the stickyness. After separating the hazelnuts we pass them through a sieve with large holes to take off the excess of granulated sugar.

We let them cool down and then we can eat them to our hearts content!I can guarantee they will last for just a couple of minutes!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Well, pretty few cents. In fact the expense is only due to the hazelnuts, while the sugar is exrtemely cheap. The cost per portion is roughly € 0.50!


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