Chocolate and Almonds Flavoured Creme Caramel

Some weeks ago I told you I went to Turin, awesome city really. I also discovered, in that short trip, that it has a long and complex tradition of patisserie and, choosing between a huge number of particular recipes, I wanted to prepare one that is similat to one of my island, Sardinia.

The Bonet (you can read it Bounét) is a pudding of the family of Crem Caramels and it is aromatized with chocolate and a typical mediterranean sweet called Amaretto, which is a bisquit made with almonds flour. The taste of this dessert is mindblowing and, just like a lot of dessert recipes, its preparation is simple and yet can hide nasty secrets! Just as most of the puddings, they are a dessert made with poor ingredients, leftovers and anything that could be cooked by the families without a lot of money.

A deep flavour to taste slowly like with a fine whiskey.

I already cooked a recipe that resembles so much to this one and belongs to the sardinian tradition, the Flan di Latte (Milk Pudding), the only difference is how it is aromatized! I am convinced that the best quality of this dessert is that it is not too sweet. Just like an old liquor you can eat it slowly appreciating the texture and multiple tastes that show bit by bit. All of them in a little pudding!

Ingredients for 5 portions:

  • 100 g eggs (2 of them)
  • 50 g almond bisquits (amaretti)
  • 25 g bitter cocoa powder
  • 250 ml milk
  • 150 g brown sugar (I preferred it to the white because it sweetens a little less)
  • 15 ml rum

For the caramel:

  • 150 g white sugar
  • 50 g water

Let’s start preparing the caramel. We take a casserol with a thick bottom and we add the sugar and the water, there is no need to mix them. We turn on the flame at medum power and wait till it becomes light brown. In the meantime we prepare the single portion molds (I used the ones in alluminium). Once the colour is light brown we pour the caramel into the molds immediately, covering only their bottom. It is important to make this operation straight away because the sugar can start to burn becoming bitter or it can cool too much and solidify.

We put the molds with the caramel aside, mind they are piping hot now.

We take a large glass, the ones used with the hendheld blenders, it is important it is high and thin. We add in order the amaretti bisquits (crumbled with the hands), the eggs, the cocoa powder, the sugar, the milk and the rhum. We put into the mixture the blender and make sure there is no air left under it, mixingt it without turning it on. Once the air is out of the mixture we start blending till everything is even. If we mix it letting the air in, we will have the foam on the top of the pudding during the cooking, with all the amaretti powder and a horrible texture in it! Not mentioning that it would occupy double the space when raw, collapsing inot the oven! If we are careful about not including air, we will have a wonderful and firm texture.

Once everything is well blended we add the pudding into every mold, filling till the top. We take then a large baking pan, like the one used for the lasagne, and we fill it with 3 cm deep of water. We place the pudding molds inside, making sure the water is under 2/3rd of their height.

We cook them into a preheated oven at 160° celsius for 30 minutes. Once the cooking time expires we take the baking pan out of the oven and let the puddings cool down IN THE WATER for 2 hours.

To take the puddings out of the mould we pass a knife in the borders, making sure not to break them. Then we place the mould on a plate upside down and shake it once firmly. If we got the alluminium molds we can punch a small hole on the bottom to let the air help to take the pudding out.

We season the dessert with grated dark chocolate and an almond bisquit on the top. We can also add some orange zest to give some flavour to the dish.

The taste is intense, layered and deep. I’m in love with it!

In the original recipe there is a variation that in my opinion is really good and worth to try out: before we add the milk and the bisquits we put them together to heat for 5 minutes. Once the milk is warm the bisquits start to naturally break. We add them to the rest of the mixture, which has already been well blended and put them in the oven. When they come out they will have the soft bisquits layered into the pudding for some extra goodness! Spectacular!

Buon Appetito!

HOW MUCH IS IT? Frankly it is difficult. I bough everything at the local cheapest supermarket and the ingredients themselves are really cheap. Considering all of them I’d say it costs € 0.26 per portion! Definetely a few pennies for this delicacy!

Italiano BONET

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