White Chocolate for Christmas Time

Super cold! It is definetely clear that “winter is coming” (cit.)! Changing covers, newly washed duvet, hot soups to protect the belly from the low temperature and watching tv under pile covers!

Honestly Tora the cat and Misha the dog are the ones that like it the most, between me and the wife or under the cover! 

And when there is such a cold and we want some cuddles we cannot miss the wonderful and classical HOT CHOCOLATE! I know that I used the one bought in the market and it is not self made, I admit it!

Ciobar Bianco

Truth is that in our house we make the standard shopping and, after that, the junk food shopping! Depending the “desires” of my other half we buy tons of sweet and salted junk food, without exactly knowing when we will eat them. The only sure thing is: as soon as eat them when it seems that everyone forgot them, she remembers their existence, blaming me for finishing them! I know…we men will never understand…it is too much for us…

It is not exactly a recipe but there are some tips I can give you anyway to make it quick and great! On top of that it is so Christmas like….

For a WELL DONE hot chocolate:

  • 2 bags of hot chocolate powder (I used white chocolate)
  • 250 ml full fat fresh milk (you can use any milk but this is the best)
  • orange zest
  • lemon zest
  • cinnamom

Super easy recipe! First of all we take the milk and put it in a plastic container, even better if it has the measures, and we warm it up nicely in the microwave. We take a little casserole and add the chocolate powder. We grate some lemon and orange zest and, if we have the proper tool, we make some small stripes from the orange and lemon skin as decoration.

Ciobar Bianco 2Ciobar Bianco 3Ciobar Bianco 4Ciobar Bianco 5

When the milk is hot we turn on the flame under the casserole and add a small quantity of water. We wisk it to melt well the milk and the chocolate powder till is without lumps, then we start adding the rest of the milk. We continue to mix while the milk if boiling to let it become dense.

We put it in the cup and add cinnamom powder to taste!

Stir it well and….well….clean well the cup afterwards!

How much is it? Practically only the chocolate powder cost….which honestly I do not remember how much is it…


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