Almonds Cake Gluten Free

Yesterday me and my wife have been invited to a great barbecue and naturally, when speaking in front of roasted pork and a good glass of wine, words flow abundant! And when there is such a food is almost mandatory thinking about people that, for one reason or another, cannot eat these delicacies.

One of the major food diseases that came out in the last decade is the celiac disease. The most difficult part about this disease comes out in the mediterranean area: most of our recipes involve flour and food that has gluten in. Also the industries work on multiple foods that may counter “infect” with gluten. But there is no need to be alarmed since there is a ton of recipes that are naturally gluten free and they really are delicious! Today we make a cake that is really delicious and can make anyone drool, gluten or not!

Ingredients for 8 people:

  • 200 g almonds flour (which is basicly really fine chopped almonds)
  • 200 g white sugar
  • 25 g rice starch
  • 180 g egg whites (about 6 medium eggs)
  • ground hazelnuts or almonds slices
  • 10 g butter

As you may notice the ingredients are really a few and I assure you it is simple to handle, naturally all procedures have to be taken seriously and not underestimated! The main ingredient to success in this recipe is the care we put into ingredients!

First of all we add the rice starch to the almonds flour sieveing them together, more than once if necessary.

Torta alle Mandorle 2Torta alle Mandorle 4

We add the egg whites (in medium eggs the white weights 30 g). We have to make sure that the mixer whips and the bowl we’ll use are both perfectly clean! So let’s start beating the egg whites adding the white sugar bit by bit while the mixture grows. It has to become a white thick cream and it will be ready in roughly 8 minutes. When the meringue is ready we add bit by bit the flour and starch, mixing into the meringue with a spatula with the classical movement bottom up. It is important that before adding more flour we mix evenly. It is also importand not to mix too much or the eggs will lose firmness.

Torta alle Mandorle 3Torta alle Mandorle 5

Now we take our mold and brush it with melted butter. On the bottom of the mold we sprinkle the ground hazelnuts, in the oven the essential oils of the nut will make the taste richer! Then we take a sac a poche (do not do like me cause I’m lazy!) and e start spread the meringue from the center to the border till all the mixture is finished. We preheat the oven at 180° and we let cook the cake for 45 minutes. Take care of watching the surface for the first 10 minutes, if it browns too quick lower the temperature of 10 degrees.

Torta alle Mandorle 6

When the cooking time ends we let the cake rest in the oven for 15 minutes more before taking it out of the mold. Also we must keep her far from humidity to keep the crust crunchy!

The taste is wonderful, sweet, crunchy and soft at the same time! And want to speak about the flavour? Just marvellous!

It has literally been stolen by my guests!

HOW MUCH IS IT? The cost of the cake is quite low, the only issue os to find the starch and the flour of nice quality. The cost per portion of today is roughly € 0.55!


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