Italian Cooked Cream with Barley

Good morning everyone! Now in the middle of the bad weather, it is cold like in winter! I have to confess that, after such a wonderful summer, I find difficult to get used to this temperature. Jumper, coats…it will not take long till we’ll use gloves and scarfes!

And when it is cold like this I really would like to eat something hot…while at the end I started cooking a Panna cotta! What can I do…there was some fresh cream in the fridge…I could not resist it!

On top of it I love that the cooked cream is a dessert that is very customizeable to everyone’s taste, in such a way everyone can have a way to love it!

This time I wanted to try something new: I cannot drink coffee since it makes me feel ill and I substituted it with soluble barley! I usually drink it with milk in the morning but this time I wanted to pair it with the cream! The dessert went beyond my greatest expectations!

There is nothing to do, the cooked cream drives me mad!

Ingredients for 10 portions:

  • 800 ml fresh cream
  • 150 ml full fat fresh milk
  • pulp of half a vanilla berry
  • 150 g sugar
  • 12 g jelly sheets
  • 7 g soluble barley
  • 20 g brandy (optional)

for the chocolate ganache

  • 100 g of dark chocolate 70%
  • 150 ml fresh cream
  • ground hazelnuts to taste

The cooked cream is a very simple dessert that can be done by anyone! There is only one requisite: try to get the best possible ingredients!

We measure all the ingredients and put them aside. We prepare a casserole and we add in it 200 ml of cream and the milk. We let it warm up at low flame. We put the jelly sheets (one at a time) in cold water for 10 minutes to softens. We prepare in a cup the sugar, the vanilla pulp and the soluble barley. When the cream is hot but not boiling, we turn off the flame and add the seasoned sugar, ,mixing well till everything melts. We add then the jelly sheets, caring of squeezing them to take out the water in excess. We mix again to melt it.

Now we add the hot cream to the cold one, we add the brandy and we stir again to make it an even mixture. We pour it in the moulds all the liquid, your choice to use small or big ones. We put them in the fridge to solidify for 3 or 4 hours. To make things even faster, we can drop the liquid temperature storing it in the freezer for the first 30 minutes and transferring in the fridge afterwards. It is better not to let it solidify in the freezer to avoid the creation of water crystals.

When the cooked cream is ready we prepare the chocolate ganache. We heat up the cream till it boils and in the meantime we cut the chocolate in small pieces. When the cream boils we turn off the flame and add the chocolate. We stir till the ganacheis even. We must remember that it has to be creamy: unlike the normal ganache, we must try to make it less dense even when becomes cold! If necessary we add bit by bit some cold cream.

We take the cream off the mould sliding a knife along the sides and then lifting it upside down on a plate. We add on top the ganache and ground hazelnuts to taste.

Fresh and savoury it has a lovel contrast with the soft bitterness of the chocolate and the crunchyness of the hazelnuts! Very hard to resist!

HOW MUCH IS IT? The highest cost is the vanilla berry, but the number of portions lower its cost. The final esteem is around € 0.51! The only dark side of this dessert is that it will take you to the point of wanting to eat it all!


3 thoughts on “Italian Cooked Cream with Barley

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    • It is wonderful! The taste is sooooo smooth compared to a normal cooked cream! You should try it! (E’ meravigliosa! Il sapore è delicatissimo rispetto ad una panna cotta normale! Dovresti provarla! E’ pure facilissima!)


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