Tip of the Day

Everytime I cook something I remember all the things I wrote down the past year and I see all the little things that help us in the kitchen! Small knowledge that piles up one over the other!


How many times did we cook steak or roasted meat and, at the moment of eating it, we realize it is so tough and chewy that we do not even want to eat it? Where the hell is our beloved juice? Well, it usually is stored in proteins! Think about them like a wet towel just like the one we have after a shower: when we cook them it is like we squeeze them like a wet towel! If we squeeze them gently we will not make the water come out, if we squeeze it hard all the water will come out. When we roll back out the towel we will have 2 situations: in the first all the water will stay inside the tissue keeping it wet; in the second the water came out and even rolling the towel out will not bring back the water, leaving it considerably drier! Proteins subject to high temperature are “squeezed” till the point they lose water, when the temperature lowers their fibers relax making them able to host again water. If we heat them up too much the water will come out, instead cooking them at gentle temperature will let them keep the water inside! If the water is kept inside, when the temperature will lower we will have relaxed fibers full of water, on the opposite situation the fibers will relax less since they have nothing to keep inside them. Squeezing the water out of the meat will make the meat impossible to have it back!

When proteins are cooked over 60° we are squeezing them! Is it possible to cook the meat and at the same time prevent the proteins to be excessively squeezed? The answer is obviously YES and I will enlight you in a few days!


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