World Day of Italian Cousine – Soufflè Tiramisù

Caldo, croccante fuori e tenero dentro come ogni buon soufflè. Ma la sorpresa interna è ancor meglio!

Finally I MADE IT!!!

Today is a fantastic day! It is the anniversary of the World Day of Italian Cousine! Every year the special recipes that made Italy famous all around the world are celebrated and cooked in the whole globe by chefs, home cooks and naturally us foodbloggers!

I passed a few days to find out an idea to make a tiramisù variant that was worth this special day and I think I found it! It is the first time for me to make such a dessert and I’m sure a proper pastry chef will have tons of suggestions to improve it, as per myself I’m very proud of it!

The tiramisù is one of the most famous desserts all over the world! It was difficult to find an awesome and creative way to prepare it, but I think I got it right! Coolest thing is that I just finished preparing it and I already have new ideas to make it better!

Jokes aside it is time to present you my fantastic SOUFFLE’ TIRAMISU’!

Caldo, croccante fuori e tenero dentro come ogni buon soufflè. Ma la sorpresa interna è ancor meglio!
Hot, crunchy outside and soft inside just like every soufflè. The surprise inside it is even better!

Ingredients for 5 portions:


  • 30 g egg yolk (a yolk and a half roughly)
  • 60 g sugar
  • 100 g cream
  • 100 g mascarpone cheese
  • half a teaspoon of vanilla powder


  • 10 g coffee soluble powder
  • 250 ml full fat milk
  • 60 g egg yolks (roughly 3)
  • 90 g albumens (roughly 3)
  • 20 g cocoa powder
  • 10 g cornstarch
  • 130 g sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of rum
  • a pinch of salt

We start preparing the basic tiramisù custard. Eggs must be fresh because they give better taste and consistence to the preparation. The very best thing would be to pasteurize them but, since I did not have the right tools (read I had only a manual whip) it would be like suiciding. After all, if we are overly concerned with pasteurization of the eggs we can buy the yolks and albumens already pasteurized in the markets, perfect for raw preparations.

Soufflè Tiramisù 2Soufflè Tiramisù 3Soufflè Tiramisù 4

We add in a bowl the  sugar, vanilla powder and yolks, wisking them in bainmarie. Sugar melts in a warm environment so it is the best way. I used a thermometer to see the temperature of the eggs and the sugar melted at 30°, so just warming up is fine. Once pale and fluffy we ad the mascarpone cheese. Aside I whipped the cream till firm. Bit by bit I added the mascarpone cheese to the yolks and after this the whipped cream. Now we need to store it for 2 hours in the fridge.

Soufflè Tiramisù 6Soufflè Tiramisù 7

(PS after taste: if I added agar agar to this cream I could keep it firm inside the soufflè! next time I’ll make it better!)

We make now the custard for the soufflè. This dessert is substantially a custard with whipped albumens. It is a difficult recipe because it is very fragile and it is easy to deflate it once ready but if done well….it is heavenly!

We mix the yolks with half the dose of sugar (65 g ). We warm them up at bainmarie till maximum 40°. In the meantime we put the milk, coffee powder, salt and rhum to warm up. We whip the eggs to include air in it, it will be important to prepare the cream quicker. Once we whipped well the yolks we add the cornstarch and chocolate powder and mix them together with a spatula and a bottom up movement. When the milk is hot we add the egg and chocolate mixture in the middle and let it cook. The milk will boil cooking the eggs, when it pierces the middle of the egg mass we turn off the heater and wisk it strongly till it becomes creamy. Once dense we transfer the cream in a glass bowl, cover it with plastic foil in contact with the cream and store it 2 hours in the fridge!

Soufflè Tiramisù 8Soufflè Tiramisù 9Soufflè Tiramisù 10

When the two creams are cold we start preheating the fridge at 180°C and we grease the soufflé mould with butter. After greasing them it is a good tip to brush their sides in vertical stripes, it will help the souffles rising correctly.

Soufflè Tiramisù 11Soufflè Tiramisù 12

Now we whip the albumens till white and firm with the remaining sugar. They have to become a cream that makes peaks with the top that bends. We now take our cocoa and coffee cream and add a third of the merengue (the whipped and sugared albumens) to dilute the cream. We add now the rest of the merengue mixing it with a spatula and bottom up movement in order to keep the air inside the mixture!

Soufflè Tiramisù 13

We fill the moulds, we beat once the moulds over a surface to make the mixture set well into the mould, then we level the surface flat with a knife. Final touch: we pass our thumb on the border to make a groove. This helps the soufflé to cook without debording.

We bake them for 20 minutes at 180°.

While they bake we put the mascarpone cream in a sac a poche. Once they are ready, and not before or they will collapse miserably, we put the souffles on a plate and inject the cream from the top side.

Soufflè Tiramisù 14Soufflè Tiramisù 15Soufflè Tiramisù 16

Final touch with cocoa powder! We must serve immediately!

The crunchy surface makes space to the soft inside with cocoa, coffee and rhum flavours. The inside makes you discover the cold mascarpone cream letting us remember our beloved tiramisù!

I am very proud of this sweet expecially because it is the very first time I cook a sweet soufflè!

HOW MUCH IS IT? It is difficult to guess with all these ingredients. Every portion should cost more or less € 0.95! Do not take this as an accurate esteem and remember that this is the ingredients cost with the proper quantity used. I usually suppose that any leftover of the basic ingredients can be used in other preparations, making them valuable for other recipes.


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