Tip of the Day

Some time ago we had some friends for dinner, thing that happens quite often lately!

While I was cooking my wife was offering aperitif and snacks. The aperitif was a mango cocktail that my wife, a mango lover, wanted to absolutely try out! Well…SHE HATED IT! It was so bitter even I was puzzled. You should have seen my wife and her friend face! It was awesome1 Then I challenged them:”Do you want to bet I can make it less bitter?” Naturally, just like every woman, she thought I was just teasing her and she started adding sugar in it. Naturally the drink became sweeter…..but still bitter! How can we then compensate the bitter taste? You would never imagine it!


It is sufficient to melt in the drink a pinch of salt! You heard it well! The tip of a teaspoon of salt in a glass of a bitter drink starts to lose its bitterness. It works also with prickly lettuce with a salted seasoning, salt in the bitter chocolate makes it much more enjoyable! Pay attention: too much salt will ruin totally the taste! etter to add and taste every time, just to be sure to make it right!


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