Tip of the Day

The tv is full of Chefs that give tips around like candies! Unfortunately the majority of them are born from experience and intensive practice. Why I say so? Chefs, regardless their capability, they divide themselves in scientific approach and traditional approach. Traditional is not a bad quality itself obviously, we could translate it better as HANDED DOWN. It means to accept culinary axioms without any proper verification. Today’s tip is one of them:


How many times did you hear:”Add a pinch of salt to stabilize the whipped albumens!” Well it is not true! It is true that it helps balancing the PH of the mixture, but on the other side it reacts with time, separating the water from the albumens! In reality we have no need of salt itself, but of an acid component. We can use the top of a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to obtain the same result without having the reaction we would have with salt!


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