Tip of the Day

Today we want to be cool speaking about a super interesting tecnique developed by the awesome chef Davide Scabin in his restauran Combal Zero!

He is a chef that loves to apply innovation to tradition that I respect deeply. I knew him first when he participated as guest in the first edition of Masterchef Italy!


There is a method used by the chef Scabin that is extremely interesting also for us normal human beings. It varies from pasta to pasta but it is a method useful and quite practical. We cook the pasta in the usual salted water. We cook it like usual (in boiling water) for half the time of the pasta cooking time. After this we take it off the heat on a side. Basicly what we do is letting cook the pasta in infusion! This method makes the pasta come to its perfect cooking slowly and not shocked by the bubbles and currents of the boiling water. It keeps the pasta more solid and keeps its “AL DENTE” and “COOKED” state for longer time before going overcooked. In this way we can control more precisely the correct pasta texture, even if we are not that practice of getting the times right! Another thing is that it frees a place for another pan when we are cooking! Try it out and let me know what you think about it!


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