Tip of the Day

In winter soups and creams are one of the best recipes we can eat! Their warmness and textures is so comforting that we can become addicted by them! In almost all soups and creams there is an ingredient almost ignored but fundamental for their texture: POTATOES!


Today I want to speak about what happens when we blend potatoes with blades. We all know, or almost all, that potatoes are full of starch. The starch is present in the form of liquid on the potato and inside its cells. When we bake or fry them we first clean their surface with running water. When in soups we usually blend them in order to make soups and creams denser. This is the effect caused by the blades that break the potato cells freeing all the starch in them. On the opposite side we never ever have to blend potatoes in case we want to do a potato mash! It would become a sticky glue unedible and able to be actively used as a glue! So beware of the difference in blending and crushing!

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