Tip of the Day

Directly from Masterchef Italy some great tips! Do you remember those great dishes that taste like sea? Those dishes that make you dream of white sand and clear sea! Well, today’s tips are just about this tastes and flavours!


In reality this is not just one tip but three. All of them are necessary for a proper use of this shellfishes!

  1. Mussels and clams must be purged in lightly salted water. It means that, while still alive (because we buy them alive), they have to drink salted water and expel sand and dirt. Two hours in this way permits us to rinse them and have perfectly clean shellfishes!
  2. We usually cook them in a covered large casserole with a bit of olive oil aromatized with garlic. Mussels and clams are ready when they open! Closed or broken shellfishes are to be thrown away because they are bad and susceptible of having bacterias.
  3. During the cooking they expel their own water, full of marvellous taste and flavour, which is ALREADY SALTED! If we use it as an addition to rice, pasta or any broth, we must taste the broth first or we will end up making it so salty it may be unedible!

If we do this we will be able to increase exponentially the taste of our seafood dishes in a way we were just dreaming of!


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