Tartiflette of the High Savoy!

Oh man, I hate flu…I know, I am a man and therefore I’m a whiner and I cannot bear any kind of pain etcetc…

Every woman of the world would say like this…except that I had just one day later my wife with me, with my very same flu, whining far more than me! Anyway the duty of a proper husband is to take care of my sweetheart! So, paired with my very slow healing, there is the need to cook some recipe that could cheer up my partner!

The recipe is coming from High Savoy in France, a simple dish that I love from the bottom of my heart! The only problem I had to reproduce it was that the main ingredient was unfindable! After a while I managed to find it in a supermarket chain that originally had this type of ingredient: the REBLOCHON cheese!

Tartiflette 3Tartiflette 2

So let’s dig into our simple, nutrient and unbelievably good Tartiflette!

Piatto unico non solo per sostanza ma anche per sapore!
Main course worth to be tried! This cheese is a piece of art!

Ingredient for 6 people:

  • 200 g Reblochon cheese
  • 100 g Italian pork pancetta
  • 2 medium size yellow potatoes
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 small onions
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • rosemary

As first thing we prepare our onions: we peel them and cut in slices. We take a casserole, we add a small quantity of olive oil, all the onions and we cook them for about 20 minutes at low heat till the onions soften up. With the low heat it will be easy taking care of them while we prepare the rest.

Tartiflette 4Tartiflette 5Tartiflette 6

Now we have to cut the pork belly in stripes and we let it panfry in a drizzle of olive oil, just the time needed to let is colour golden and crispy, then we drain them from the oil and we add the onions. We peel our potatoes and cut them in thin slices leaving them in a bowl under cold running water in order to take off the starch on the surface, 5 minutes will be enough. We cook them in water for more or less 10 minutes, then we drain them and let them cool for 10 more minutes. This is done in order to let the surface of the potatoes be dry. Finally we panfry them for 5 minutes in olive oil to let them take a golden and crispy look! When we finish cooking them we add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. We drain all the excess oil from all the ingredients.

Tartiflette 7Tartiflette 8

We take a cake mould of 20 cm diameter and we cover it with baking sheet. We start putting a layer of potatoes, we add rosemary to taste, then onions and pork. We make two or three layers like this.

Tartiflette 9

No we take our cheese and we cut it in half in lenght so we have two perfectly round cheese bases. We put the base upside down in the mould and we cook it 30 minutes at 180° celsius! As usual preheated oven!

Tartiflette 10

The cheese melts going throw the potatoes and giving a unique taste! The crust becomes crunchy and so good! It is so delicious I would never stop eating it! So, for our own sake it is better to care of dividing properly the portions!

Try it out! It is simple and delicious!

HOW MUCH IS IT? The Roblochon costs about € 12.00 per kg and it is the heavier toll on the recipe cost. But qith all the portion we can make out of a single cheese the cost will go down to € 0.85 per portion! All without considering how staggering this cheese is!


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