Tip of the Day

Salt in the past millenniums was one of the most valuable spices at men disposal.The gathering tecniques were not that evolved and it was incredibly valuable for this reason! It was way simpler to find herbs and even pepper! For the salt there were even wars and it value was used as money, just like gold! Its presence was one of the main ways to define the richness of a nation!


Many times we risk to put the wrong amount of salt in our food. While is realtively simple to salt pasta, meat and vegetables, it is definetely more complicated with soups and broths. The reason is simple: when we cook them the water component in the recipe evaporates concentrating the saltiness. Basicly if we salt it beforehand we obtain the correct saltiness but during the cooking time we lose some water while the salt stays as it is increasing its concentration and therefore the saltiness! For this reason we often find in the recipes to salt soups at the end of the cooking time. Alternatively we can even salt the broth before but it MUST be done very lightly in order to have the correct saltiness at the end. Anyway it can be adjusted at the end if we’re lacking salt, there is no way we can adjust it if it is too salty!


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