Tip of the Day

When we start to cook we realize that a lot of things are ttally absurd!

One of the things that make me angry are the recipe books: only a few chefs write correct recipes, a good chunk of them makes mistakes on purpose, wrong passages, defending in some wierd way their profession. Cooking and being chef are similar but also deeply different!

Today we will see one of those mistakes!


Puddings are an absolute delicacy! The eggs sublimation! We can aromatize them in a thousand different ways and they are cooked with a consistence that is so barely solid they melt in the mouth freeing awesome tastes and aromas!

It is a shame that, in almost all recipes, there is a huge mistake! When we are making a pudding there are 2 rules to respect. The first is to warm up just a little bit the mixture in order to let the sugar melt evenly. The second is way more important and it is that we must NOT beat the mixture with whips! Pudding must NOT be “foamy”! The reason is simple: we create a fluffy mixture when we want a fluffy result, like sponge cakes or zabaione. The pudding is cooked from a cold mixture into the oven, this way the mixture has no way to be able to keep all those air inside! The result will be that all the air will come to the surface halving the volume of the pudding and leaving on top a disgusting foam….

How can we solve this? We mix the pudding ingredients with a handblender, making sure to NOT let the air enter in the mixture and to make the mixtures blandly warm in order to let the sugar mix evenly, after this we let it rest to bring up all the bubbles ans we will take out all the foam formed! Ready to bake without any further surprise!

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