Tip of the Day

Here we are back with our space for cooking tips well or not known!

Today I would like to speak about one of the things that we make while cooking, probably without knowing it! Tradition says it is a good thing to do but we do not usually know why and how it happens!


Meat can be tough for a lot of reasons: old animal, wrong storage and so on…

There is one reason thou that is encountered more often than not: the connective tissue!

It is that particular tissue that keeps together muscles, bones and tendons. When we cook them fast they shrink and become extra tough making meat hard and unchewable! It is well known that cooking meat for a long time makes it tender. The reality is that it is not the meat tender but the connective tissue that, thanks to prolonged cooking, melts, leaving all the meat muscles free of any “confinement”! Do not forget thou that cooking meats at a temperature over 70° for long time, deprives the meat of all the juices, making a must the preparation of a good sauce to pair with the meat!

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