Tip of the Day

Good morning!

Today I do not want to reveal any strange tecnique or some other secrets about food. I would like more to say something about common sense and about not taking anything for granted!


What is the secret? There are 3!

The first is banal but fundamental: we must take the necessary time to cook. It means that we need to take proper care of our ingredients in roder to prepare them in the very best way!

The second is even more banal: when we go to the market we have not to be afraid of buying the cheapest meat cuts, the low cost fishes and the seasonal vegetables. As long as we buy as much local as possible, we can buy cheap! It will let us discover again old and traditional tastes and it will increase greatly our experience in cooking!

The third is the simpler of all: let’s search for hints and suggestions in internet and in the recipe books! How many times did we discard cheap ingredients just because we had no idea on how to prepare them? Internet and the most recent books can help us greatly in finding fantastic recipes to convert cheap ingredients into awesome dishes!

Sometimes the basic rules are the most important: hearing them and using them often make us give them for granted! It is not granted to care about ingredients, store them correctly, cook them correctly and for the proper time, buying low priced ingredients. Most of this things are forgotten in modern cousine (I am obviously speaking of house cooking) made of prepackaged perfectly cut steaks. Believe me that jumping into the wild of the cooking gives so much satisfaction it is difficult to describe! And be sure our guests will appreciate more than you may imagine!


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