Tip of the Day

I totally love to prepare cakes for friends and relatives! I love the aroma, the golden crust or even the fresh fruit on top!

There is a little tip that pastry chef teach that can give a nice edge to our cakes, that edge that differs the amatorial works from the pastry chefs!


I honestly do not know what the english name is, so I use the direct translation from italian. But what is it exactly? Did you ever buy pastry shop cakes? They have on the surface a marvellous light, reflections that make the cakes look so fresh and tasty! If we add fresh fruit on top of a cake we should stay alert because they would become black oxidising their surface!

It is used basicly for 2 reasons:

  • to form a lightly sweet layer that protects the cakes surface
  • to give the preparations a light and a shine that makes them more appetible

It has a slightly sugary taste but it is so mild that it can easily be used also for salty preparations!

There are some little htings to take care when using it: it has to be brushed over a frozen sweet so it will fast solidify, if the sweet temperature is 40° or more it would melt and not attach properly. It also has to be brushed with a really soft brush in order not to move the sweet elements (like fruit). Anyway after every treatment is good to put it back in the fridge for some time.

Neutral jelly can be found in pastry specialized shops, I have to say I’m quite lucky to have more than one in the town I live in and it is indeed a great tool! It can be easily stored at room temperature without any drawback! Definetely an awesome tip!


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